Lourdes Academy Senior Class 1967
South Pacific

Recorded Live January 14 and 15, 1967
in the Lakewood Civic Auditorium

Side 1 Side 2
Introduction, Dedication and South Pacific Overture I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Out of My Hair
Dites Moi A Wonderful Guy
A Cockeyed Optimist Younger Than Springtime
Twin Soliloquies Happy Talk
Some Enchanted Evening Honey Bun
Bloody Mary Carefully Taught
There is Nothing Like a Dame This Nearly Was Mine
Bali Hai Finale

A special 'Thank You' to Andy Lego, my best friend, co-worker, and fellow geek.
Andy's hardware, software and technical expertise made it possible for me to
transfer the contents of a 40 year old vinyl recording, which had moved with me
all over the country these many years, onto a CD and ultimately onto the internet.
When we were working on this project on Christmas Eve 2007,
and as I listened to the vinyl,
I was in Lakewood Civic Auditorium all over again,
reliving and remembering those magic performances.
Thank you, Andy, for the help and for my best Christmas Eve in several years.


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