Time will stand still as long as there is a memory.
And, "South Pacific" will always be, it will always be alive, for it is now a memory.

In September it was just a play.
In October it meant rehearsals and using a script.
In November it meant every Sunday.
In December it meant the first dress rehearsal and two days from a Christmas vacation.
In January it meant a reality.

Once "South Pacific" was a tomorrow; then it became a today; suddenly, in three short days, it became a yesterday.

The "lost weekend" will always live on -- it will always be remembered.

It is not easy to face reality after living, breathing, sleeping, and thinking "South Pacific".
That island breeze gets into your lungs and "you can't get it out of your heart".

There was more to "South Pacific" than a performance, more than an "Enchanted Evening", or a "dame", or a host of "wonderful guys".
There was a mutual feeling of friendship, interdependence, pride, security, pleasure, and love in that island paradise.

There was and is a memory of ...
... a dressing room that could only be described as a chaotic jumble of laughter, noise, nerves, and tears
... black feet from polynesian make-up or the floor of the stage
... the strange feeling of a "celebrity" signing his autograph upon your spinal column
... gooey, greasey, gobs of cold cream
... the taste of bubbling champagne from a yellow dixie cup
... the ringing sound of audience laughter -- audience approval -- sincerity
... a grass skirt tickling your legs
... a gifted pianist who never missed a rehearsal and who played the melodies that will live on to be whistled
... a director who disciplined a cast of 79, and after all was said and done, cried out "I love you!"
... goose bumps when a lieutellan told a Ponkaneise girl that she was "younger than springtime"
... a group of boys became a group of sailors and knew there was "nothing like a dame"
... two scared, beautiful kids were chased by the French Hazel of Emile de Becque
... the Bali Hai singers and the Canteen dancers harmonizing the contrast in the island's spirit
... a commander and a captain discovered the "United States Seabees" were "dressmakers"
... sixteen nurses were "as corny as Kansas in August" and flopped on their fannies "in love"
... when "a hundred and one pounds of fun" was "caught and didn't wanna run"
... when everyone talked "happy talk" because one "special" girl talked "happy talk"
... when a vibrant voice called to a "stranger across a crowded room"
... when a cockeyed, knucklehead of a nurse washed that man and gulped champagne and cried after every performance

When this was --- "South Pacific" was.
But, "South Pacific" extends beyond the footlights, beyond the walls of the Lourdes' auditorium, or the stage at Lakewood Civic.
"South Pacific" is now a heart beat of any person captured by the spell of the island paradise.
It is a "special" dream come true.
"South Pacific" will be as long as there is a memory.

Senior Class Play - 1967
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Senior Class Play - 1967
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